​Wellness Care

Also referred to as preventive care, we offer regular comprehensive wellness exams. Recommended annually, these exams are your first defense for discovering potential health problems, while giving your veterinarian a baseline specific to your pet. For senior pets we recommend wellness exams every 6 months.

Bridger Animal Hospital strives to provide exceptional care to your exceptional pets through these services. We strive to offer current methods, safe protocols, and compassion to every animal we treat. Our veterinarians regularly attend continuing education conferences to stay abreast of current animal medicine, issues, and procedures. We believe in practicing ethical and humane treatment of all animals, while educating our clients about proper pet care.


Our in-house pharmacy is stocked with a variety of medications for your pets. In the cases when we don't have what you need, we can call in scripts to our local pharmacy or utilize your preferred online pharmacy. We are happy to fill your pets prescription from another veterinarian with an exam.

Therapy Laser

Beneficial to both small and large animals, therapy lasers drastically improve healing times, and aid in pain management. Treatments are offered on site by our trained veterinarians and technicians. Treatments are both fast and economical, while providing vast benefits.

Loosing a pet is a life altering event, one that we hope to make a little easier by providing compassionate and private after care services for your pets. We perform cremations on-site, meaning your beloved pet will never leave the premises. We take great care while handling your pets remains with the respect they deserve. For more information regarding cremation procedures and pricing, please feel free to call us anytime. All services open to the public, you don't have to be a Bridger Animal Hospital client.



We are proud to offer a top of the line boarding resort for your pets while you're away. We offer a safe, clean, and enjoyable stay monitored by attentive resort staff. Our technicians are all animal lovers first and foremost. We excel at treating your pets as though they are our own. Pets enjoy satellite radio, air conditioning, heated floors and satellite TV. Haystack Pet Resort adheres to strict policies concerning safety, cleanliness and ethical treatment of every animal in our care. We welcome you to take a tour of our resort. Come stay with us!

​In-House Lab

Time is of the essence when you need blood work results. That's why we're proud to offer an in-house laboratory to aid in fast results. For advanced testing we utilize a national laboratory and receive fast turn around times for results.

Retail & Nutrition

We provide numerous nutrition options ranging from Natural Balance maintenance diets, to gluten free and allergy sensitive diets, to Hill's Prescription Diets. We also have the capability to special order a multitude of diets that we don't carry in-house. 

Bridger Animal Hospital also has a variety of dog and cat collars, as well as hygiene products. We also carry horse supplies, such as Davis boots, fly spray and dewormers. Need something that's not on our shelves? We can order it for you, with payment at time of order. Can't pick it up? No worries, we can put it in the mail.

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Digital X-Ray

A great option for both small and large animals, digital x-ray offers detailed images of the inner workings of your pet. These images can be transmitted electronically, making consultations much easier. We can email these images to referring veterinarians and to owners alike. 

Dental Care

An animal's mouth is a window to their health. An unhealthy mouth can lead to larger systemic problems like heart disease and organ failure. Keeping a clean mouth is imperative to your pet's health. While pop culture would have you believe that proper dental care can be accomplished without anesthesia at home with simple brushing, this is unfortunately untrue. Proper dental care is accomplished by cleaning above the gum line on all surfaces of the teeth, which can only be accomplished with safe anesthesia and trained professionals. We take great care in safety measures during all phases of dental cleanings. 


We offer surgical services for both small and large animals. We use reliable monitoring techniques, safe anesthesia protocols, and have over 25 years combined experience between our veterinarians. We strongly believe in pain management, and thus use the most current techniques and medications to minimize post surgical pain.