Laser Therapy

Bridger Animal Hospital is proud to offer therapeutic laser treatments not only to our small animal patients, but to our equine patients as well! Laser Therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process through photo-bio-modulation. It is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions, and post- surgical pain and inflammation.

Clinical Benefits Include:

→  Non-pharmacologic pain relief
→  Effective for difficult conditions
→  Alternative to surgery
→  Fast treatment times
→  Easy, comfortable, non-invasive treatment
→  Scientifically-proven

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Digital Radiographs

Digital x-rays provide accurate imagery of your horse's limbs. We have a portable unit that allows us to bring this technology to the field in cases where your horse cannot travel. We do recommend for best results that your horse be brought into the hospital for their x-rays, however. These images help us diagnose potential ailments while also providing baseline information. Whether you need a pre-purchase exam, or suspect navicular disease in your horse, Bridger Animal Hospital can help.

Colic Care

Colic is defined as any abdominal pain and can be caused by a number of organs, not just the gastrointestinal tract. Colic itself is not a disease, rather it is a symptom of a disease. We urge horse owners to learn as much as they can about the signs and symptoms of colic. The most important thing is to know what is normal for your horse so that you will recognize abnormalities in their behavior.  

Dental Floats

One of Dr. Lisa Pachie's favorite things to do as a veterinarian is float teeth. Dental floats are essential to the health of a horse. Horses have continually erupting teeth. This means that as they age, their adult teeth keep growing. Their natural chewing habits occur in a circular motion, which leaves hooks on their teeth. The outer edges of their teeth are also very sharp and grow sharper with age. During a dental float, your veterinarian will file these hooks and points down to be equal with the natural wear that has occurred on the horses teeth due to their chewing pattern. This helps them chew more efficiently, improves digestion, and aids in optimal health for your horse. We also can do what is called a "bit-groove" for your horse, making riding much more pleasurable for your horse, as the bit will not pinch the teeth. Bridger Animal Hospital can provide this service during a ranch call provided you have a safe place. We need electricity, water and preferably a stall or barn to work in. Your horse will receive a sedative during the procedure. Please make sure access to food is limited until the sedative has worn off completely. 

​Urgent Wound Care

Time is of the essence when you have a wounded horse. Bridger Animal Hospital is equipped with veterinarians and support staff that are knowledgeable in the latest techniques for urgent wound care treatment. We also ensure that our veterinarians and technicians attend continuing education regularly and urge them to participate in any of the new wound care classes. Unlike humans, horses heal from the inside-out. They have evolved to produce an astounding amount of granulation tissue when their integumentary and musculoskeletal systems are compromised. Exuberant granulation tissue, or proud flesh as it is more commonly known, is part of the normal wound healing process in the horse. Granulation tissue is the pebbly or granular appearing tissue which develops in healing wounds anywhere on the horse's body, however more commonly in abundance on the limbs. Proud flesh can impede healing and cause scarring. We can help reduce the amount of proud flesh while also taking the necessary precautions to inhibit its' growth in the first place. We have a safe and clean environment in which to treat your horses, and we take pride in our advanced abilities to do so.

In-House Laboratory

Bridger Animal Hospital is equipped with an in-house laboratory. We can perform a variety of tests and get immediate results. No more waiting for days to hear about your horse's results. There are some tests that we must send out to a national lab, however the turn around time is quite fast. For urgent cases, our in-house lab can provide vital information about your horse's health. 


Our facilities

Bridger Animal Hospital is proud to offer a new equine services barn, providing shelter from the elements and a safe place for treatment. With two large runs including shelter, you can rest assured that your horse will be comfortable while staying with us, should it be for an hour or a few days. We have perimeter lighting for safety at nighttime, and secure gate closures to ensure your horses will be kept safe. Your horses safety is of our utmost concern.


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Bridger Animal Hospital provides a wide range of veterinary services for horses. Whether your horse needs his annual wellness exam, dental floats, sheath cleanings, digital radiographs, pre-purchase exams, colic care, or emergency wound care, we can help you.

Ambulatory Services

We offer ranch call services! Whether you need vaccines and a wellness exam, or have an emergency such as colic or sudden lameness, we have the ability to come to you. Our trucks are equipped with portable x-ray, dental float equipment, colic prophylactics and tools, and much more. There are some ailments that are best treated in hospital, as our facilites are many times safer and better-lit compared to ranch call destinations. Our helpful staff can help you determine what's best for your horse: a ranch call or an office all.